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2 most important points to consider when choosing a smartphone

Choosing the right phone is not an easy task considering the fact that there are so many devices available in the market. Each offers something different and unique makingit’s very difficult to select the right one. That is why we decided to list the two most important things you should consider when buying a new phone and not only let yourself be guided by its appearance, a trap in which many people fall.

The size and resolution of the screen

The size of a smartphone is probably the most important feature when choosing a computer; however, the choice is complex since it is a subjective attribute. The key is to look for that size with which we feel more comfortable, either from 3.5 to 4.3 inches to greater than 4.5 inches and up. Despite the fashion for large phones, there are still many models that maintain the commitment to phones that can be handled comfortably with one hand. Want more info? just click here.

Processor and RAM memory

Both are an essential aspect in the daily use of our phone, since they determine the speed of response of the equipment, in addition to its fluidity when working with several applications open simultaneously. For a basic use, it is enough that the processor is quad-core, although the octa-coreoptimize performance significantly. Also, with a processor speed of 1.2 Ghz may be sufficient, although the high-end models already have more than 2 Ghz (and the difference is noticeable).

On the other hand, in Android the minimum RAM should not drop below 1 GB if we want to ensure a minimum performance when making use of several applications at once. The latest smarthpones on the market already have RAM memories of 2, 3 and even 8 GB, which improves (and much) the user experience. In iOS and Windows Phone, however, the requirements are different, because both operating systems optimize their performance much more.

Of course there are many other parameters to consider but the two parameters above deserve more attention when you choose a smartphone.

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