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5 Ways to keep your Company clean of negative SEO

According to The Marketing Folks, there is always a fierce war that is going on in the virtual world of internet between entities of the same nature to figure higher in a web search. Majority of the time, it is a healthy battle between them but sometimes it takes an ugly form wherein SEO’s are involved and negative SEO’s are unleashed to harm the rankings mischievously. The amount of damage a negative SEO can have on your company is quite threatening and hence we try to understand some type of damages that can be unleashed and the preventive methods against them.

  • Link Farms – It involves building up links with the help of linked farms. The buildup link usually uses the same anchor text. Link farms can reduce the number of spots for a website. Thankfully, it can be prevented if detected early. If the link profile growth is regularly observed, then for any unnatural spike build up, it can be tuned by using certain relevant tools and the growth can be checked leading to a healthy profile growth otherwise the ill effects a negative SEO can have on your company is massive.
  • Scraping – It can be thought of as a cut and paste operation, cutting the content from your site and pasting it on some other thereby leading to reduced ranking. Luckily, there is Copyscape which can be used to check for the authenticity. Google’s Copyright Infringement Tool is also another option that can be exercised if Scraping is encountered by your company. Thereafter, the webmaster can be requested to take down the copied article.
  • Forceful Crawling – It is employed by competitors who want to take down your site by suddenly increasing the server load on it by employing crawling techniques. The best way to fight this out is to first find out from where the load is coming from and then employ server logs to find and block the crawlers from coming back towards your site. If however the crawler succeeds, the impact a negative SEO can have on your company might be devastating.
  • Negative on-page SEO – In popular parlance, it is called ‘hacking’ and involves getting all the details of your website and maybe linking it to the competitor so that when one try to open your website, the competitor’s website open up inadvertently and as a result your places fall in the search ranking. This is a major type of attack but if regular site audit is performed with a site audit tool, it can be tracked down. Hence, regular monitoring of the site is the key to keep a site healthy.
  • Getting a site de-indexed – In Google, if a disallow rule is created in robots.txt, it can cause widespread damage to the entire SEO strategy. The ranking can get affected substantially. One of the best ways to manage it is to conduct periodic ranking checks using something like a Rank Tracker and if any discrepancy is observed, go to the Google Search Console and see the status of robots.txt for any adjustment.

These are generally the threats one can expect from negative SEO and hence, it is highly important to keep these threats under check because if left unattended, the kind of catastrophe negative SEO can have on your business is just mind blowing. Periodic checks and timely intervention will ensure that no major attack happens to the site and it always enjoys a good rank in the search.

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