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ArchiverFS – The Best Solution for Storage

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One can never get enough space when it comes to storage as there are plenty of files and data to be stored under various categories. Right from important business files to that of music files, one’s system is loaded with different kinds of files to be stored away in a safe place. It needs to be understood that there are plenty of storage mechanism and systems that are coming up in the market and these software are known to bring down the burden of storing your files in a safe manner.

Though there is plenty of such software out there not all of them are capable of delivering exceptional kind of performance in this regard and hence it is absolutely necessary to choose over the perfect kind of software that has got the capacity to offer the best kind of outcome possible for one and all.

ArchiverFS is one of the hot and happening storage software that provides one with the ability to store the files in a safe and secure manner. MLtek, a major leader in creating various latest software, has come up with this to make life easy for businesses to stay organized. The best thing about the storage software is that it does not take away unnecessary space in the disk and comes across as software based archiving solution for window file servers.

Latest and updated

It needs to be understood that the technology space is ever evolving and hence it is absolutely necessary on one’s part to stay updated with regard to the most important area of storage. If you are stuck up with the old versions of storage then chances are there that you will not only be left behind but would not be able to store the files effectively over the time.

Hence, it is absolutely necessary for one to choose over a latest and updated version of storage software. The software that you are choosing should be open to changes and can update itself as the demands or technological developments go up. ArchiverFS is a latest version that comes with excellent range of features to support businesses and individuals to organize and use files in a perfect manner.

Move old files with ease

The software ArchiverFS provides the facility to move old files to a NAS, SAN, the cloud, UNC path by way of using the software. It is inexpensive software that works perfectly for various needs. It provides for a simple, cost effective and reliable way for the purpose of migrating old files to second tier storage space like that of the NAS and SAN.

Great features

If you have an extra storage SAN and NAS device for the purpose of storing your old files, this comes across as a great help. It also provides the platform for hierarchical storage where you can store files in an organized manner and does not have to worry about getting the files at the time of need. The best thing about the soft3ware is that it enables the migration of the old files from one UNC path to any other UNC path by way of using different types of categories like age, type, size and other criteria.

The target volumes and source needs to be formatted with NTFS for it to work perfectly. No files would get stored in the database of proprietary storages mechanism. This is, indeed, one of the best features as it provides huge scalability. It provides the facility to leave behind stubs in case one wants to know about migration. They behave just like the original link.  

Direct File Access

One of the most common problems that most people face with many storage solutions is that it does not provide direct access to the file. ArchiverFS stands out from the other software in this particular area as all that one need to do is to click on the link and all the IO will be directed from that of the user’s workstation to that of the file. Users don’t have to wait for the files to arrive as there are no third parties involved and whole process turns out to be quite simple and easy as many would expect. The file migration details are also saved for one to know about it at a later point of time, if needed.

Systematic and three tiered organizing system

Yet another best thing about of the software is that it provides for a three tier storage system that is categorized as Live, Archived and Graveyard. It is quite an attractive feature as it facilitates hierarchical storage of files which can be accessed with ease anytime one wants to. Also, all these advanced facilities come at a considerably lesser cost and hence the software turns out to be cost effective as well.

Free up storage space for important files

Many people are just not sure about how to handle huge files that are not important yet needed at times. The software facilitates one to free up space for important files by storing it in the first tier storage areas and thus, make the second tier storage space available for other files and data. Thus, you can free up the inexpensive first tier storage space and go with the second tier storage space for other files as it does not cost much.

The software is considered as a huge help to all those businesses out there that are looking to streamline their business data and store them hierarchically to be accessed anytime the need arises. Though there is many other software out there, this comes across as a prefect one that facilitates quick and easy operation of the software and also turns out to be highly cost-effective. It can be used by all types of businesses, be it small, medium or that or large businesses to store their files in a safe and secured manner. With all the latest features and facilities, the software is one of the best that you can get for considerably lower rates. Click here for more information

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