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Attract Digital Nomads To Your Holiday Rental Business

Technology has spawned an incredible leap across the world and it has shown no signs of slowing down anytime soon. With the global population still increasing, there is a higher percentage of people ageing at the same time which means there is a higher community of digital nomads. But what are they?

What are digital nomads?

Living a nomadic life is an independent way of life which often caters towards people who use telecommunications technologies to make a living for themselves.

Using only an internet connection for their work, these talented freelancers can conduct their work from any location and at any time of the day or night. The flexibility of remote working attracts many more workers every day and is becoming a popular career choice at any age.

Catering the needs of digital nomads

Being a freelancer with such a flexible online job, there is little need for office-based equipment, so catering for digital nomads is a lot easier than you think. Just get the basics right and soon you may see some bookings from this increasingly popular walk of life.

Have all the right amenities

Unlike many other visitors, your holiday rental business attracts, digital nomads will spend a lot more time in the property in order to complete their work tasks for the day.

Cater to the needs of digital nomads by providing plenty of clean spaces to work plus comfortable seating and a well-stocked pantry. Of course, above all else, make sure you offer Wifi. This is key to attracting digital nomads to your properties.

Long stay promotions are attractive

Entice digital nomads to stay longer with you at your holiday rental property and keep your lodgings full in low season by offering special rates for longer stays. Even at a reduced rate, you can still make money for your business as an occupied room can make a lot of money than an empty one.

Offer scenic alternatives

Staring at the same four walls can drive anyone mad, so showcase alternatives to your guests to make them stay longer. Promote a local coffee shop or offer a private outdoor pool for a work meets leisure location. Keep guests entertained and relaxed in order to attract them to stay longer and above all come back for another stay.

Get on Facebook

Social media is one of the key places to be with advertising these days, so get on the bandwagon and join some special groups on Facebook.

Separate pages are set up by individuals with similar interests, so get on the most appropriate pages and advertise the fact you have special deals on long stays. Many digital nomads will already be involved with these groups so find your potential customers and start seeing a return on your efforts.

Accept last minute deals

Fill your empty spaces with last minute deals and offers. Attract local workers to your accommodation with extra affordable prices to help keep your rental business full and working to capacity. Last minute deals, like special offers for longer stays, can mean lower incomes but any money coming in is good during the low season.

Accept last minute deals

Make sure you have a fully up to date website that is easy for a digital nomad to make a booking. Check out some tech companies that make vacation rental websites easy such a https://www.lodgify.com. You will be able to offer a quick and easy booking system and a place that the digital nomad looking to book can contact you should he/she have any questions.

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