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Christmas Contests: Ideas for Social Media Campaigns

If you are a avid user of social media, or even if you are simply person with social media accounts, there is no doubt that you will have some point come across social media contests and competitions – With many being run throughout each year, and even more over the festive periods.

If you are a company in which uses social media, then this year why don’t you consider hosting a competition based on social media? This will not only be fun for you, but will also allow your brand to receive more exposure, and in turn sales. What do you think?

If you are unsure how to run a contest of this kind, do not worry! We are now going to provide just a few simple and easy ideas… Keep on reading to find out how…

Social Christmas Contest Ideas

  1. Facebook Comment Giveaway

One of the easiest social media competition types is a comment giveaway – Typically used on Facebook but also used on other platforms such as Twitter. These competitions typically ask a question and require people to answer; thereafter one lucky responder gets chosen to win the prize. When hosting competitions of this type it is a good idea to incorporate all instructions to enter the competition in the image used so that it catches more people’s eyes and more people enter. Also, when hosting  competition it is important to remember that you want as many people to enter as possible, therefore don’t make the questions which you are asking too difficult.

  1. Twitter Follow and Retweet Giveaway

Another popular type of social media competition in which many people enter on a daily basis around the world are Twitter follow and retweet giveaways. These competitions require tweeters to follow companies and retweet their posts to be in with a chance of winning. These are great as to enter people must follow the companies so that they get more followers and more people can see their amazing work. When hosting these competitions on Twitter it is a good idea to incorporate hashtags such as #giveaway #competition so that even more people see your competition and enter it.

These are only two of the popular social media contest types too, if you are thinking about hosting  competition it is vital that you plan and prepare for it thoroughly to ensure that you host it in the greatest possibly ways. If you don’t have the time to host your own competition but it is something that you are really interested in, you could also ask a leading

digital marketing agency to assist you – Who will be able to ensure that you first ever giveaway goes off with a bang!

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