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Folx is the most efficient manager to manage the download from RARBG

Operating since 2008 as one of the trackers for BitTorent, RARBG.com has grown massively to emerge as a storehouse for the Torrent users, offering magnet link to more than 300,000 global users on a daily basis. The effective function with a simple user-interface, as well as a gigantic online community of global users are the primary factors that can be accounted beyond the popularity of this site.

If you are looking to download videos from this site in an effective and safe manner, Folx, RarBG downloader for Mac is going to be the best download manager for downloading videos from this source on your Mac devices.

How can you download videos from this site with Folx?

 In case, you have established a private setting and you want to control the program as per your personal choices, following are the steps to walk through:

  • For creating the download task, you will have to open the Primary Menu and select File from the New Task tab. Then, you should click on the + icon that you will find above the primary window.
  • Now, click on the link to download and you will have to select the download option of your choice. You will have to paste the URL into the app that you want to download and once done, you will require assigning tags to the download from RARBG
  • Tap on the Save button that will specify the location for the download. You can either opt for the automatic location selection or select a location of your choice to save the downloaded file. It is possible to change the location for the download for a specific tag that you can do through the Tage page, lying under the preference tab. Keep in mind that if you are going to assign multiple tags to the download, it will not alter the path of the download and the app will simply place a link in all the directories for the tag you select.
  • Users are having the option to either opt for the automatic download or they can rely on the manual mechanism or they can schedule a time for the download to complete. Likewise, you will have complete liberty to decide into how many threads you will like to split the download. If needed, you can decide to assign a new name.

 You can even opt for the pro version of the app that comes with tons of additional features, for an insignificant cost.


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