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Grand Theft Auto V Mods For PC

GTA V was released for Xbox and PS3 in 2013 but now has been released for PC too. GTA V is loved for its graphics as well as the mods adds excellent pleasure and unexpected turns for the gamers of this crime game.

Though due to some concerns Rockstar encrypted GTA V’s data file, anyway mods are now coming out with their surprises.

Where to get the mods?

These are early days for GTA V mods, and they are not listed on websites, but still, there are some places you can go and download mods. You can also try GTA V Download and try to find mods there. But make sure that if things look fishy don’t download them, many websites fake things, and you don’t want to get hacked or get your PC attacked by a virus while trying to download mods. Some sites are good at pushing malware into your PC. So use mods very thoughtfully so that your pc doesn’t get infected.

Now if downloaded, how do you install the mods?

The installing process of mod files is almost same for every kind of mod files. There might be some slight variations, but you are then requested to go through the ReadMe files which come with all the mod files download.

Let’s go through an example of how to install a mod file. Suppose FOV mod file, which allows you to change your field-of-view in any situation.

  1. Download the file from GTA 5 torrent.
  2. Better keep all your files in an organized way so that you don’t have to search them later. Now, better name the folder as ‘GTA V mods’.
  3. Now you extract the contents of the file to a different folder.
  4. Then copy and paste all the extracted files into the GTA V file folder.
  5. In that folder search for bink2w64.dll and GTAV.exe.
  6. Now, just copy fov.ini and dsound.dll in Grand Theft Auto V folder.
  7. Now you start the game, and the game will run FOV mod.

Not many days to go that there would be more mods for GTA V games. More and more game hackers are trying to bring mods. OpenIV has released its version 2.5 so that people can go inside the GTA data files and edit it. As now the encryption is cracked, you are soon going to see more and more mods entering the GTA 5 free games circuit.

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