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How much weight does structured data hold in the SEO world?

Structured data lets the various different search engines to crawl your website and also lets these search engines to understand the site completely. However, even the best of search engines can have a very difficult time in deciphering the web page content. Numerous elements that seem pretty obvious to the humans might be completely pointless to the web crawlers. This is where the structured data is used, it is added directly to the webpage’s HTML markup. Search engines make use of structured data in order to generate rich snippets. These are the small pieces of information, which appear in the search results.

Structured data can be simply described as that piece of ‘extra information’ users view next to the website and the Meta description. For instance, when you search for a restaurant, you are going to see not just the restaurant’s name but also the additional information, for example, the prices, the opening and closing hours and the ratings for both, positive and negative reviews.

If the site you run is not making use of structured data as an integral part of your SEO strategy, it is important to note that you have been missing out on a very important and noteworthy opportunity of ranking higher in SERPs. If you have you been wondering what you could do to get your business start using the structured data, you have come to the correct page. We have answered the three most asked questions regarding structured data.

What is Structured Data?

There are various websites, which have been generated using data stored in databases. Whenever this particular data is formatted into HTML code, it can become very difficult for the web crawlers to efficiently interpret all this information. Structured data can be found on the on-page markup, which enables the search engines to understand the information present on the website more effectively. It then uses this information in order to improve the website’s search results’ listing. For instance, structured data makes it very easy for the web crawlers to determine the basics of the business, such as NAP (name, address, and place) along with the more complex information, for example, events, products, parties, recipes etc. on the website.

How does my business get started with structured data and SEO?

Google’s Structured Data Markup Helper is known to be one of the most convenient, handy and free tools, which could help you start with using structured data for your business.
Furthermore, this markup tool will help in enhancing Google’s understanding of the content present on your website. This content is moreover used for the search engine results, and might sometimes also be assimilated into the Knowledge Graph Panels or the Google Now cards. This increases the online reach that your business has.

Embedding the structured data nonstop into the website ensures completely that this information is accessible to everyone. In order to complete this process with Google’s Structured Data Markup Helper, you need to submit a webpage to one of the helpers and use the mouse to “tag” diverse page fundamentals. When you are done with the tagging, the Data Markup Helper is going to generate a sample HTML code using the microdata marked up. Then you can download this generated code and use it for your website.

Do you require a web developer to manage the structured data and SEO for you?

First, the debauched news; structured data also makes use of the HTML code, therefore some familiarity with coding might prove to be very helpful. And finally the very good news; thanks to third-party services, for instance, the Bing as well as row Google webmaster tools (such as Google’s Structured Data Helper, as discussed above), one does not necessarily have to be an expert in coding, they do not even have to rely on a code developer to incorporate the structured data into your business’s website. Nonetheless, if you have no prior or limited web experience, your business website might benefit using a developer’s expert assistance to help you out. It is advised that you spend your time doing what you do best rather than getting into the intricacies of microdata application.

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