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Is Blogging For Cash Starting To Be A Fading Trend?


Recent research on blogging trends

A new study completed by the New York Times says that the number of young bloggers (ages 12-17) is decreasing. The study takes this specific statistic and utilizes it to pose the question of whether blogging as a whole is starting to fall out of favour and whether or not its use as an online communication tool has died. Do you think this is the case?

Is blogging, specifically in the world of Online marketing and internet sales, dying? If it turns out to be true, what does this imply for internet marketers and the field of sales?

We decided to consider this concern and find out whether or not it is true and what kind of implication this poses for the internet market arena.

Blogging is still going strong

The very first thing that we learned is that blogging, especially as a form of online communication is not actually dying. The statistic used in the article, that kids aged 12-17 doesn’t really imply blogging is dying.

The simple truth is that folks in this age group appear to just be transferring to the other kinds of social networking like Twitter and Facebook – Facebook, especially, since it offers its members the ability to create “notes” which can act in the same fashion as blog posts and will let the user have control over who can see what has been composed.

Adults, due to the lack of needed parental consent, are a lot more likely to simply start their own websites than they are to join these networks.

We also planned to take the truth that blogging is challenging. Blogging isn’t a one-time sort of action. If a person within the marketing field needs to earn money on the internet, blogging is a great way to do that, but you need to be willing to actually commit to the activity.

You can be promoting just about anything from satellite tv software to offering auto insurance quotes as an affiliate marketer, you just need to be committed and dedicated to it.

When blogs experienced their acceptance surge between 2004-2006, many internet marketers jumped on the bandwagon thinking they could create a fast site that looked like a blog and put up advertising and be done.

It swiftly became clear to everybody who tried this that the only way to make real money in blogging is to constantly update your site with new information. This is the main reason behind the abandonment of blogging as a significant income source in Internet marketing.

Articles must be unique

Google is working hard to discipline people who have submitted stolen content to their blogs and sites. This shows that every day hundreds of blogs are being de-indexed by Google. These tend to be the blogs created by people who use software to steal the content off of other sites and put it on their own. With so many blogs being removed from the radar, it is easy to think that blogging is dying and that the sites are merely being shut down.

Authenticity is key

The authentic truth is that blogging is not really dying. Blogging is merely beginning to be better tracked and that is the reason why it is a lot harder for people to make money with them. Sure this will affect some of the basic and blatant facts but we don’t think that blogging is actually going to go anywhere. Its simply coming into its own for precisely what it truly is: a communication tool. It will be a lot easier to use a blog to share information than it is for people to earn quick money.

Credit to Bravr (https://www.bravr.com) for contributing to this insightful article.


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