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Philanthropy Is Going Online and It’s a Good Thing

The internet and technological revolutions have been the biggest impetus for globalization, shrinking the world into what is called a single global village, and erasing boundaries and borders between people. People’s lives have also gone online, to the extent that all activities that had to be done through tedious and uncomfortable processes needing a human’s presence in earlier times can now be simply done with a few clicks on your laptop or your smartphone.

This is a good thing not only because of the convenience the internet and its many boons afford to human living. Shifting your bill paying, food ordering, grocery shopping (or any other kind of shopping), staying in touch with friends, and even your charitable work, to the web space, helps save a lot of money in overheads and lends ease and flexibility to how you choose to lead your life.

When we say charity and philanthropy have gone online too, we mean that most nonprofits around the world accept donations for the causes they support on their websites itself. We also mean that new ways of giving (and asking for help with funds) have into existence, and the user base for these means is expanding every day.

The most prominent of these online fundraising methods on the Indian social sector space is crowdfunding India. To explain in brief, crowdfunding is a method of online fundraising with the campaigner (who is in need and is asking for financial assistance) sharing their story, substantiating it with visual material, and setting a goal amount. Donors come by the fundraiser through active social media sharing, and donate to the project. Typically, a large number of donors, a crowd of them, each give relatively small amounts in donations to the cause. Most donations are made online through payment gateways embedded on the crowdfunding India platform.

Philanthropists and even the impulsive one-time giver as well as first-time givers are taking advantage of crowdfunding India to contribute to campaigns, projects and causes they are in sympathy with in a easy and fuss free process, while campaigners can easily fundraise without spending heavily, and paying a service fee to the platform at the end of the fundraising period.

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