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Primecable USB Type C Cable for Safe Data Transfer

The term USB stands for Universal Serial Bus. Short distance data transfer and communication set its industrial standards by this device. The USB had been invented in the year 1995. The goal of USBs at the time was to reduce the number of connectors required for the full operative functioning of computers and making data transfer more generalized.

The invention caused an uproar in sales due to its speed of transfer, durability, and portability. It’s price though soared so high that it was considered a luxury to own a USB cable and its compatible device. Today, after thorough developments, the USB has seen a drastic drop in prices, making it much more affordable than it ever was before, all while offering advanced performance.

USBs went through an evolution from USB 1.0 to 2.0 and finally to USB 3.0 in 2009, each packed with transfer speeds higher than the other. Today we have reached the graceful stage where some companies have designed the next step to the marvel – the USB 3.1, with the transfer rate of 10 GB per second, much faster than its predecessors 480 Mb per second and 5 Gb per second.  Primecables is one such company with reliable and quality assured USB 3.1 cables. The Primecable USB type C Cable packs a punch with its value for money having various additional features to its speedy data transfer maneuver.

Why should you choose Primecable USB type C cables?

While being a professional at data transfer of all types, the cable also adds up as a super-fast charging interface for your mobiles and tablets. It is compatible with everything from Apple MacBooks to the new Nokia N1 tablet, Chromebook to Google Pixel, and all other mobile cellular devices that use USB compatibility. It surely guarantees the fastest charging experience you could expect. Past experiences would remind you of the daunting task of finding the right way to plug in your USB to charge your device or transfer data. This hassle has been eliminated as the USB type C cables come with a reversible connector to assure every attempt is a successful one.  The latest in USB standard, the USB 3.1 comes with backward compatibility. This means that it can use harmoniously with the USB 2.0 and USB 3.0. Once connected to a USB type C compatible device you can experience both speedy charging and swift data transfer simultaneously. Previous buyers have sworn the quality product developed by Primecables. Here’s your opportunity to attain the same satisfaction today.

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