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Social Media 101

TheSmallBusinessBlog.net says that social media marketing is any form of marketing that involves curating and sharing content on social media for marketing and branding purposes. This includes text-based posts, images, videos and other content that drives your audience to engage with your brand. In the west, the most popular platforms are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram.

Below are a short guide and some tips on what it is you need to start marketing via social media.

Prepare to succeed

Before you take social media by storm you should make sure your plan of action is tight. Access your business’ goals and where you intend to take your brand. What do you want to convey online? What type of experience do you want your followers to have? These are important questions.

Plan your campaign like you plan your business. A well thought out social media campaign can be the difference between wasted time and a major boost in brand recognition. Failing to plan is planning to fail.

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A few more questions you may want to ask when developing a campaign strategy are: who is the target audience, how does this audience use social media, and what social media do they use? The answers to these questions will determine the parameters of your actions going forward.

How social media marketing can affect your brand

When done right, social media marketing is nothing if not positive for a business and brand. A well thought out campaign can increase traffic to your website, assist in creating customer conversions, help build a brand identity online and raise awareness of that brand.

There is also the added bonus of improved communication and interaction with your client base. This is invaluable as consumers are more likely to buy from brands they trust.

General guidelines

No matter what your strategy is there will always be some general concepts to latch onto. The first of which is always using quality images and video. Be consistent with your posts and offer legitimately valuable information to your followers. Use social media to share the best content from your website. While you’re at it, share content from others as well and be liberal about tagging them.

If you’re at loss for content ideas, a keyword search and researching your competitors will clue you in on the hot topics at the moment. Once you’ve hit your stride you can set a schedule to remain consistent. Finally, be sure to take advantage of analytics to track your progress and know what content is driving the most engagement. This will enable you to replicate your success.

The final tip

Social media marketing can feel like another job. Keep in mind that if your company has the budget, there are teams for hire that can manage your social media for you. Expert teams can plan campaigns and have been used to great effect by many industry giants.

For the rest of us, the keys are patience, a good plan and remembering to have fun.

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