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The best marketing options for growing your Instagram account in 2018

With hundreds of millions of monthly users posing on Instagram it has become one of the most popular social media platforms that are used around the world by people from diverse demographic backgrounds.

For these reasons alone is not surprising that businesses are trying their best to market their products and services to these users. However, not every business knows how to market successfully on Instagram.

The majority of marketers are aware that to market on this social media platform the account requires a large following of users to launch their marketing campaign on.

How does an account gain followers?

On Instagram engagement is key and a common approach to gaining followers is to follow relevant accounts, like and comment on their posts and hope for a follow back. The target audience is found by searching for relevant hashtags or location tags.

The unfortunate reality is that this method may be effective but it is very time consuming to do these actions manually and a follow back is not guaranteed. There is a more time efficient solution.

Use an automated service

The use of automated services such as Instagram Bots can complete the same ‘follow, like and comment’ approach, however, they can do it on autopilot. Therefore, it can save you a lot of time allowing you to focus on other areas of your business.

Bots are a very effective way to manage your account and grow your following. However, they have been subject to a crackdown on Instagram. This is because Instagram states that Bots are in breach of its terms of use and are not an organic or natural way to grow your account. As a result, Instagram has successfully shut down some of the leading Bots on the market.

The Instagram crackdowns on Bots have left many users uncertain about investing their money in automated services as they fear their chosen Bot could be shut down.

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The best Bot on the market

FollowAdder is believed to be the safest Bot currently on the market as it survived all of the crackdowns. Due to its effectiveness, it has become the forerunner on the market.

FollowAdder has many great features and can schedule posts in advance which makes it an ideal tool for planning your posts.

Although FollowAdder is believed to be the safest and most reliable Bot on the market many people are looking for a safer way to manage and grow their accounts.

Another organic option

A more natural way to grow your account is to outsource it to an Organic Growth Service such as Social Envy. Although organic growth services are not new they are becoming popular again because of the crackdowns on Bots. These services will completely manage your account and grow it at a safe and steady rate.

Organic growth services such as Social Envy are safe because unlike Bots they will manage your account using real people. Having your account managed by real people will not breach Instagram’s terms of service. The people overseeing your account activities are leading social media marketing experts.




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