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The Best Video Player You Will Come Across

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If you just know how to use a Mac device, you must know what video player in a Mac means. Video players are needed to play video on a device, without them no videos can be played.

What are video formats?

The structure in which a video is stored in the computer is called video format. You should know that video signals require a huge amount of data to represent them. The video is kept in a compression and stored in a file. Therefore, while capturing a video a different format is used and editing the workflow a different format is used. With Elmedia Player perfectly smooth HD experience is guaranteed thanks to hardware accelerated decoding and you can play all formats.

Different Video formats?

There are a number of video formats, some popular ones are mentioned below:


  • Flash Video Format or .flv: This is a popular one because of its cross-platform availability. Each browser supports them. They support progressive downloads as well as streaming.
  • AVI Format or .avi:  This was created by Microsoft. It is one of the famous formats used by internet users. The format supports both video and audio data.
  • MP4: This format actually compresses video using MPEG-4 format, used for storing video and audio file.
  • MPG Format: Used to create downloadable movies.
  • 3GP File Extension: Mainly used by 3G cell phones to transmit video and audio files, also used by internet users.
  • RealVideo Format: If you are having low bandwidths, this format is a good choice for you.
  • Quicktime Format: It is used in Mac and Windows both, and has a single or multiple tracks to store audio, video, effects and text.



There are many formats of video today, if you need a good player, Elmedia Player is the best choice when you are looking for a video player for Mac. You can also play video with subtitles on Mac. It is capable of supporting any video of any format..

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