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Three Things To Compare When It Is Time To buy A New Printer

Buying a printer for your home can be a very smart investment, especially if you have a moderate-sized or large family.  If you buy a printer you can really save some money and time.  Of course, when you go out into the retail market to shop for a new printer you will quickly come to find that there are many to choose from.

While there are so many variables you should weigh, the most immediate is whether you should get a laser printer or an inkjet printer.  As such, here are a few things to compare to help you make that decision.


The very first thing you will discern when comparing inkjet and laser printers is the up front cost. That is to say, you will quickly come to see that in terms of rock-bottom price, inkjet printers are the cheapest.  For example, the least expensive inkjet printer typically rings up at about half the retail price of the least expensive laser jet printer.

But when you look at this up front cost, you also need to think about your particular needs.  Although there are many printer models that can perform multiple functions, if you really just need something basic for printing school reports or church fliers, perhaps, a simple, cheap inkjet might be just the thing.


This is where things really start to get a little more complicated.  Printers, like many other machines, require upkeep.  Typically this means monitoring and replacing paper and Samsung Toner at 123inkcartridges.ca.  Fortunately, replacing these components carry relatively the same expense regardless of whether you have an inkjet or a laser printer.  At the same time, upkeep cost can fluctuate largely dependent upon the type of printing you do and what your printer can handle.


Perhaps the trait you want to weigh the most is print speed and quality.  Laser printers tend to be the fastest (at rates up to 3.5 times faster than inkjet printers).  Also, laser printers ae generally better in terms of overall printing quality. However, laser printers don’t do color so well; thus, if you need solid black and white reports a laser printer might be what you are looking for but if you want more versatility, you might want to go with an inkjet printer.

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