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Three Things To Know About Email Marketing

One of the more difficult and fickle parts of growing and running a business, online or otherwise, is the marketing aspect. These days with the rapid growth of the internet, there are almost limitless ways to get your branding out there and try to grow that loyal client base slowly. Knowing your way around certain aspects of the marketing world can make a big difference in how your business is seen and what kind of reputation you build through your networking. Here are three helpful things to know about email marketing from the Income Artist blog before you jump in too quickly.

The Newsletter

Presenting the content of your branding and business is a crucial part of email marketing, and can make or break it when it comes to a potential client. The first thing to remember when it comes to your email newsletter is making sure that the person you’re sending it out to knows that you’ve got their email – either through your website or otherwise, but somewhere along the line, they’ve willingly given it to you. The second thing is to mix it up – make sure that the newsletter you send out weekly or bi-weekly is a balance of updates and friendliness. They don’t want to be sold to all the time so try to keep it personable.

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When sending out regular emails, its good practice to use an autoresponder. An autoresponder is an automatic send out of emails now and then that keeps your email list engaged and informed. The most important part of an autoresponder is that because it’s in charge of emailing regularly, it means that not every time you send one out it’s trying to sell something. An autoresponder mixes this up with consistent updates of information, exciting news and other facts that they are going to be curious to read about.


Like any good model of marketing either on the internet or in the flesh, email marketing has a foundation of research and information. This can be found in the form of analytics, and most email setups have them. This means that you can track and gather valuable information about your email list – like who is opening the email, how many clicks you’re getting on that email, and unsubscribers. Being thorough about studying and applying this information to your email marketing approach will allow you to learn and grow, making changes where they’re needed and knowing what to keep the same. You can’t always keep doing the same thing, primarily if it’s not working – you need to know where to improve so you can reach out to those who want to hear from you.

Email marketing is a convenient and applicable tool when it comes to networking your business, gaining potential interest and keeping up those existing relationships you’ve worked so hard to get. It’s easy to get it wrong, however, and because so many people do, if you work hard to get it right, you’ll stand out of the crowd and be one step ahead.

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