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Wearable Construction Technology for a Brighter Future

We live in a technology-driven world, and the construction industry is one of the few sectors that’s slowly adapting to this kind of development. Technology is being utilized not only to improve the productivity of the workers, but to ensure their safety as well.

The use of wearable construction technology is a clear indication that the construction industry is beginning to realize the benefits technology can offer. Wearable tech in construction is being integrated into PPE, apparel, and other traditional clothing, such as safety vests, hard hats, work boots, and goggles.

We can’t deny that wearable technology have made the construction industry safer, efficient, and more productive. One of the best innovations is the “body-borne” wearable technology that are small electronic devices fit under, on or in the wearer’s clothing, glasses, and boots.

These devices transmit data to a computer through the use of a construction management software, which can easily be accessed, together with a range of documents, reports, spreadsheets, and many more.

Aside from that, technology in wearables also provides real-time feedback and updates simultaneously. In fact, these wearables can detect sudden changes that are happening to the wearer, including the rise of blood sugar levels, body temperature, and many more.

These are very helpful because the lives of the workers would never be at risk anymore. Whenever something bad happens, those who are in charge would be alerted, and they will be able to respond right at the moment.

Some of the most common wearable construction technology includes, but not limited to:

  • Helmet-based sensors that could transmit data coming from machinery, traffic cones, and other equipment like barricades within the construction site. It can also detect the body temperature of the wearer and send alerts that could prevent the occurrence of heat stroke.
  • Smart glasses that could stream live videos.
  • Footwear made to detect unusual temperature changes, and integrated with GPS working positioning to know where the wearer is currently stationed at.
  • Smart watches specifically designed to monitor the heart rate of the wearer and can also be used for a hands-free communication.
  • Wearable technology available in a wide range of formats that allow rapid flagging of possible safety concerns, automated employee movement tracking, and a system that could communicate with employees especially during emergency situations.

Safety Accessories to Prevent Accidents

Safety accessories that could be worn together with smart wearables are also getting more popular lately. In fact, a lot of technological companies are slowly being part of the bandwagon, and they are developing software and hardware that could revolutionize the construction industry even more. Some of these technologies include the following:

Smart vests that are like the traditional safety vests with an added feature of being able to protect the workers against accidents. These generally keep the workers visible at all times, and the GPS locations and emergency alert systems can save the workers’ lives. Furthermore, they can also be used to evaluate the project progress and monitor the whole team.

There are also companies that are developing small, wearable systems that have the ability of monitoring job site headcounts, as well as proximity alerts.

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